Law To End ZBC ‘Biased’ Reporting Approved By Cabinet

The government has approved the Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill, a new law meant to harmonise the Broadcasting Services Act with the constitution.

The Bill, if passed by Parliament, will end the alleged abuse of state media by the ruling ZANU PF party.

The proposed Bill also seeks to establish the Broadcasting and Communication Authority through the merging of Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and Postal Telecommunication Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

Speaking about the Bill during a routine post-cabinet media briefing in Harare on Tuesday, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said that it will ensure:

That every person has the right to freedom of expression and freedom of media; that freedom of expression and freedom of the media excludes incitement to violence, excludes advocates of hatred or hate speech, malicious injury to a person’s reputation or dignity, malicious or unwarranted breach of person right to privacy.

It also talks about the freedom of establishing other electronic media of communications [sic] subject only to state licensing procedures.

That all State-owned media of communication must be impartial and free to determine independently the editorial content of their broadcast.

State media has since time immemorial, been under fire from opposition political parties and members of the public who do not subscribe to the ruling party’s ideology for biased reporting in favour of ZANU PF.


Broadcasting Services ActMonica MutsvangwaZanu (PF)

The Broadcasting Services Act is an Act to provide for the functions, powers and duties of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.The Broadcasting Sector in Zimbabwe is regulated by the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06] as amended by Amendment Number 6 of 2003 and Amendment Number... Read More About Broadcasting Services Act

Monica Mutsvangwa is a Zimbabwean politician, Minister of Information and member of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) since she was 15. She is one of the numerous allies of Emmerson Mnangagwa who became triumphant during the intra-party fights which rocked ZANU PF... Read More About Monica Mutsvangwa

Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) is a liberation war movement/party that has been ruling Zimbabwe since the country attained its independence in 1980. The party's main agenda was to liberate the country from the bondage of settler regime led by Ian... Read More About Zanu (PF)


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