Khupe Slammed For Being ‘Corrupt’ & ‘Power Hungry’

A political commentator, Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo, has questioned the sanity of the MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe.

Muzamhindo accuses Khupe of corruption and suggests that her desire to “grab” the MDC is motivated by her desire for power and money. He writes:

Khupe must report for duty at Harvest House if she is now the President of the MDC

1. Harvest House is not under threat

2. Any other assets and buildings are very safe

3. Chamisa’s Presidency is very safe

4. They can simply resort to MDC Alliance and use this congress as “Extra-ordinary Congress”

What a heartless woman whose focus is on hard currency, when the majority of Zimbabweans are languishing in poverty !!!!

She is more concerned about Harvest House building ?????

Really Thoko !!!

… She got away with a brand new vehicle which belongs to Parliament and nothing happened to her? Really. She got away with the name MDC T and brought confusion to less than 30 000 people who voted for her?? She enjoys comedy and the public will judge her in future!

What a heartless woman, she can do anything so that she can smile all the way to the bank.

Prices are skyrocketing, Thoko will never respond?

Tobacco farmers are getting bond money whilst Zim Government is selling tobacco in USD, Thokozani is silent?

The unemployment rate has reached 98.6%, Thokozani is more worried about Harvest House??.

No drugs in Hospitals, Khupe wants to be at Harvest House?

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One Comment on “Khupe Slammed For Being ‘Corrupt’ & ‘Power Hungry’

  1. It’s funny how you see all those things about her yet the same can be said about chamisa. How long has he been focusing on removing ED yet people are suffering. He is in a position to do more good than cause noise and violence yet he is jus focused on these protests and fight for power. Maybe you are right about thoko, but that means MDC as a whole is power hungry and doesn’t really care about people. What they should be doing is showing us their capacity to bring change for the people instead of violence… be positive maybe you all can do something positive for the people.

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