FAQ: WhatsApp Hacking

1. Can someone remotely access my WhatsApp?

The answer is  NO. No one can access you WhatsApp remotely without having been physically close or without using other software that requires that your phone be jailbreaked or rooted for them to work. WhatsApp is foolproof secure. It has an end to end encryption that even the Whatsapp developers can’t access it remotely.

2. Is there a software that can be used to hack WhatsApp? 

Yes. Some software can be used to hack WhatsApp as long as your phone is rooted or jailbreak. Applications like NEXSPY is one of the software on the market that is used to hack WhatsApp. These software can either access your notifications or have limited access to your email etc. If your phone is not no one can have remote access to your WhatsApp

3. Can anyone use WhatsApp web to access my WhatsApp? 

The answer is yes and no. YES, If they have brief physical access to it they can connect it to WhatsApp web and get access to your app. NO, The system will then send a notification to your phone that your app is connected to WhatsApp web. If you see it on time you can log out of that particular device you are connected to and put an end to it. But that won’t protect you from the information they will have gathered whilst they had access to your app.

4. Can the government or any security agents access my WhatsApp using high tech equipment?

Unless the equipment can predict the end to end encryption key that changes every time you send one chat then no. Simple answer,  tech to do that much prediction is yet to be modified.

5. So how can someone access my Whatsapp? 

  1. Only if they have physical access to your phone meaning the phone is in your hand.
  2. If they have physical access to your WhatsApp Web which according to Quora.com  is not limited to any physical distance.
  3. If you have modified versions of WhatsApp anything can happen.
  4. If your phone is rooted or jailbreaked

6. What must I do to make sure that my WhatsApp is secure?

  1. Keep your phone with you every time. If you can’t, lock it so that no one can operate it or access it using WhatsApp web
  2. Use the original WhatsApp version.
  3. Never ever jailbreak or root your phone as this may open you to spyware that will access your app.

7. What about messages that circulate saying the government will start to monitor WhatsApp?

As long as they don’t have your phone in their hand or any physical access to it whatsoever they will never be able to access it. The government can only access your WhatsApp if they take your phone or if they have brief access to it and connect to WhatsApp web and do it without you knowing it or if your phone is rooted or jailbreaked.






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