WATCH: What Trevor Noah Said About Malema Being Genocidal (Plus Reactions)

US-based South African, Tevor Noah, who hosts the popular Daily Show on American TV has come under attack for unfairly portraying Julius Malema as genocidal.

Here’s the video in question which was on the Daily Show twitter account but has since been deleted from there:

Trevor Noah says during his show:

South Africa also has a popular, anti-establishment politician in this election. His name is Julius Malema. And if you think Trump is bad, wait until you see how he treats the press.

He just speaks about genocide like he’s talking about remodelling his kitchen! He’s like ‘maybe I will break down that wall, and change the cabinets, and kill all the white people’…

The reactions to the video have been mixed with some referring to it as funny. Some, however, have said that Trevor should have known better not to play into a narrative that incorrectly portrays white people in South Africa as victims of an ongoing genocide.

Julius Malema himself dismissed Noah as being part of the ANC election campaign.

Here are some of the reactions:

“Americans are historically known for puppeteering black people, and this one has fallen right into their doings. He’s a clown and doesn’t deserve to be dignified. Genocide in SA? He must be called Trevor Missing, the puppet of the establishment!” – Floyd Shivambu (EFF)


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