5 Global Companies That Will Hire You Even If You Dont Have A College Degree.

My cousin believes university degrees crippled us as Zimbabweans. We all go to school, get an education and start job hunting. While this is what we were told to be the best way to start our careers, technology has come in to disrupt some of the traditional things that used to work in another era other than this one.

Some graduates have been seeking for a job for 5 or 10 years and can’t be entrepreneurs there is no capital or, my favorite, I don’t know what to do. This notion of starting your career with a degree etc has affected so many great minds, especially within the Zimbabwean borders.

How refreshing to know that these 5 Blue chip companies ( High performing) companies will hire people without degrees for flexible jobs simply because, a degree doesn’t translate to success in life.

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1. Google

The tech giant worth a reported $739 Billion has come out to say it will hire anyone with “equivalent practical experience” in lieu of a college degree.

2. Apple

One of the first trillion-dollar tech company in the world has been known to offer both entry-level and experienced workers that require facility with technology, good communications skills, and the ability to focus on details—but no college degree. It all boils down to your abilities I guess.

3. Ernst & Young

The London branch of the auditing giant has come out to say academics were no longer a barrier in other flexible positions within the organization as scouting for candidates using academics was “too blunt an approach”


4. Hilton Worldwide

The property giant worth over $14 Billion and has hundreds of thousands of employees across the world is famous for employing people with high school qualifications only. Hilton Worldwide offers flexible opportunities that won’t require any college degree.


5. IBM

This research consulting firm worth a staggering $171 billion with over 350 000 employees worldwide is among the companies that hire for flexible positions where qualifications may include technical experience or special certification, but not necessarily a college degree.


So it’s not always the case that you have to have a college degree to have a great career. It also means if it’s not working in your field you can switch fields and start a new career elsewhere. You just have to have a drive that will get you through the door.


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