WATCH: Thokozani Khupe Says Judgments Puts Me In Charge Of MDC

Leader of what became a splinter of the MDC, Thokozani Khupe said on Saturday that she’s now the rightful MDC president. This follows a judgment by a high court justice Judith Mushore recently nullifying the legitimacy of Nelson Chamisa as MDC President.

Nelson Chamisa’s MDC has largely dismissed the judgment as absurd and has promised appeal it.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Madam Khuphe is a natural and innocent dull person. The political judgement by Edith Mushore does not appoint this woman to be President of MDC. Like the fool who launched the court case, she is politically doomed. Mother Khuphe izinto azikuhambeli kuhle just be yourself. You started it by boycotting Morgan Tswangirayi’s meetings. Plus you belong to the wrong tribe to aspire to be a national president. At the moment do you think you can be saluted by these war hardened former terrorists.There is nothing wrong about day dreaming.

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