FULL TEXT: Thokozani Khupe Statement On MDC Leadership Judgment

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11th of May 2019

Press Release

Response to the MDC-T Leadership ruling

On the 8th of May Justice Judith Mushore handed down a judgment with regards to our party MDC and placed its leadership back to 14 February 2018 status. I accept and appreciate the judgment and I stand guided by the court order.

The judgement has placed me back as the leader of MDC-T. I therefore accept the huge responsibility that it places on me.

MDC was founded on principles of democracy, non- violence, respect of the rule of law, constitutionalism, and good governance. It is in this regard that we shall maintain the culture and character of our great movement.

The judgement has raised legal issues to which I have a responsibility to and to which my colleagues have a responsibility to. It also raises salient political issues to which I have a responsibility to which my colleagues have a responsibility to. In this regard we have no choice but to find a way of talking around how to move from February 2014 as the court has nullified everything that happened after February 2014.

There is therefore an urgent need for dialogue between all the parties mentioned in this court order including the applicant on how we can implement it.

To achieve this we have instructed our legal counsel to engage the other party’s lawyers so that we can dialogue and together map a way forward.

This offer is being made without prejudice but let it be on record that in the event that other parties are not forthcoming we are still open to other legal remedies.

Zimbabwe deserves good and mature leadership if we are to build a prosperous and peaceful nation. I continue as your leader of the movement to preach the gospel of rule of law, decency and servant leadership.

May the spirit of Morgan Tsvangirai leave(sic) on.

I thank you.

Thokozani KhupeMorgan TsvangiraiNelson Chamisa

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  1. Alex Dick Reply

    Lawyers the likes of Biti and Coltart have to understand that the Alliance they refer to is the one headed by Chamisa from MDC T ,the majority. His leadership is illegitimate as much as anything he does succeeding the judgement.its advisable 2 go for the extra ordinary cong and enjoy uninterrupted command: given the majority.HEY ¡¡¡

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