Editor Says Politicians Who Defame Judges Must Be Punished

A NewsDay editor, Conway Tutani has argued that politicians who defame members of the judiciary must be punished.

The editor writes after MDC members have expressed their frustration over a High court ruling by Judge Edith Mushore which nullified Nelson Chamisa’s presidency in the party. Tutani said: 

After the High Court this week ruled that Nelson Chamisa’s appointment as MDC president was unconstitutional, all sorts of angry accusations erupted, with the usual suspects alleging that High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore was doing the Zanu PF government’s bidding to undermine the MDC, whereas the decision by the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai (may his soul rest in peace) was the genesis of most of these leadership rows rocking the party even now. Little — or nothing — was externally engineered despite some paranoid conspiracy theorists in the MDC pointing fingers at party co-deputy president Elias Mudzuri, whose appointment was also declared invalid by Justice Mushore, and secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora.

Tutani further notes that remarks by the MDC Alliance spokesperson, Jacob Mafume are a strong redolent of sentiments the party expressed after the Constitutional Court ruled that president Mnangagwa had won the 2018 elections.

The editor quotes Zimbabwean Prosper Banda who laments over the politicisation of the justice system. Banda argues that decisions which do not please one political party are quickly labelled as a political decision. Banda said:

But this is not simply a case of the court thrusting itself into politics. It is a case of political parties demonising the courts even if there is no reason to.


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  1. Uqinisile Conway Tutani ukuthi abagwejwe osopolitiki abangahloniphi isinqumo sejaji noma amajaji kuwo omabili amaqembu ,Zanu PF,MDC,Zapu ngokunjalo Lani babjali bamaphephandaba uma liqamba amanga.

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