FULL TEXT: Churches Call For Inclusive National Dialogue



The State of the Church for the sake of the Nation

08 – 09 May 2019
Large City Hall, Bulawayo

1. We, the leaders of the ZHOCD made up of EFZ, UDACIZA, ZCBC and ZCC, come together as the leadership of the Zimbabwean Church which makes up the majority of the citizens of this nation’ today to call the nation towards a united, sincere and committed approach to solving the pressing challenges affecting our people. We reiterate our call for a comprehensive and inclusive national dialogue.

2. Church leaders are disheartened as they witness the heavy toll of ongoing fuel shortages, price hikes, heavy taxation and currency crisis. The desperate cries of struggling Zimbabwean families as they battle to put food on the table, send children to school, seek healthcare for the ill, make a living in difficult economic conditions and cope with life’s struggles in a context of austerity require urgent attention.

3. The time to act is now. It is not God’s will for our people to be divided, suffering and to be in perpetual conflict. Our relationships with each other need healing. Our economy must do more to meet our people’s needs for dignified and fulfilled lives free from want. Our people’s desire to be heard and to meaningfully participate in the decisions that impact their daily lives must be honoured.

4. To this end, we will immediately begin preparations for the holding of an inclusive National Convention convened by the Church to explore ways towards practical resolutions to pressing challenges based on a shared national vision. This National Convention towards National healing and reconciliation; Responsible and responsive governance; and a Just economic and social contract will seek the support of all stakeholders.

5. We are also instructing our technical teams to formally request the expansion of the Tripartite Negotiation Framework and its legislative mechanism to accommodate the Church,
Civil Society and other organised interests in dialogue processes to secure the nation’s shared

6. We also instruct our technical teams to establish three Ecumenical Commissions on National
Healing and Reconciliation; Economic justice; and Constitutional Democracy to coordinate the preparations towards the upcoming National Convention and the on-going work of the National Dialogue Process.

7. We are calling the nation for a Sabbath season of rest from all forms of polarising political activities and contestation, finger pointing and violent conflict. This is vital to build trust and confidence in the national dialogue process and to ensure ownership for its outcomes.

8. We appeal to the International Community for respectful solidarity and accompaniment as we pursue a locally driven process. Further, we implore you to remove sanctions even as we call upon our own government to comply with International standards and norms of human rights, democracy and good governance.

9. We reiterate our preferential option for the vulnerable, marginalised, voiceless and all those in the diaspora to be given opportunities to voice their concerns and fully contribute to the National Dialogue as full citizens of our great nation.

10. We request all Christians to remain in prayer for the Church’s efforts to unite the nation and facilitate nation-building dialogue under the will of God.

‘How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity… For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore’ (Psalms 133 verse 1 -3).

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One Comment on “FULL TEXT: Churches Call For Inclusive National Dialogue

  1. The noble proposal by the Church as a Body of Christ and Headed by Him signals not only as reminder to those in Stewardship from the First and Second Republic of Zimbabwe that their vulgarian governance model is deeply acrimonious an antique strangely and hateful yet even as leaders are God chosen, they equally on their part ultimately have again and again the moral obligation to ask themselves everytime the Godliness in their stewardship and whether it is not long overdue that they candidly stand by the wayside and let the nation move forward honorably with the rest of the world as we aspire not for the middle income ranking but the highly industrialized economy ranking in less than a decade. On another note Zimbabweans, Africans and the progressive cross race international community poses very big questions to the liberation sanctity of the Zimbabwe Liberation Movement as to whether it was for true and real democratic freedom or as it by all measures show, it was a movement on recolonization of the Zimbabwean by his own liberator / fellow blackman on claims of upholding of the principle of sovereignty cum unilateral oppression of the African Zimbabwean by his own fellow African. As the drum beats and sounds louder, loudest be rest assured of a very discordant tune unexpectedly. The Everloving and Living God of Abraham watches carefully from his Majestic Chambers in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene.

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