ZIMBABWEANS REACT: High Court Declares Chamisa’s Presidency Is Illegal

The High Court on Wednesday ruled that Nelson Chamisa’s MDC presidency is unconstitutional and therefore null and void. The Court then ordered the MDC to hold an extraordinary congress to choose legitimate leadership using the party’s 2014 structures. Here is how Zimbabweans reacted on Twitter:

Even hardcore, thoughtless and stupid Zanu-PF members will find this High Court decision irrational and embarrassing! Let’s ask the same judge to use the same gymnastics to tell us who is the legitimate president of Zimbabwe! Jonathan Moyo

Imagine if Mugabe or the G40 had gone to Court to argue that Mnangagwa had been illegally appointed President of ZANU PF in December 2017 after the violent ouster of Mugabe. It is hard to imagine any Zimbabwean Court being bold enough to rule as they have today against the MDC. David Coltart.

As the MDC, we do not recognize or respect a judgement from biased and junta controlled judiciary. Chamisa is giving the junta and its goons in the judiciary sleepless nights. 

Those who dream of a different MDC must just form theirs, it is allowed. The MDC is the people’s project & us the people determine what happens or doesn’t happen at the party. We are happy with our party. We are happy with. Patson Dzamara.

This is the same court that said a military coup was constitutional and that a sitting president could not fire a deputy president he appointed. Laughable judiciary capture!

Zanu PF through the captured judiciary can’t impose a leader on MDC. It’s pathetic abuse of judiciary by ED and his military cousins! Pedzisai Ruhanya

The High Court has nullified the appointment of Nelson Chamisa as the MDC president It also said the party should hold Congress within a month using 2014 structures. legal minds what’s the implication for that ruling? Zenzele

Justice Esther Muremba of the Harare High Court rules that Nelson Chamisa’s appointment as vice president and subsequent assumption of the MDC presidency following Tsvangirai death was unconstitutional, orders party to hold extraordinary congress within a month. ZimLive

Congress here we come. This judgement will not deter us. We remain focused on. When all else has failed they then resort to using the courts to come up with the most absurd judgements. Miriam Mushayi.

From the onset on Valentine’s Day 2018, I insisted on this, Wamba took over power illegally violating the succession clause of MDCT. Ndozvataivengerwa pano paZwitter izvi kuti unozvitaurirei imiwee. Now let’s see reforms and rule of law take its course. Respect for the Rule of law. MMatigari

The ruling had nothing to do with procedure, rather the standing of the person who brought it to court, that’s not a procedural issue, is it. Also, go through Tsvangirai’s affidavit which was before the court.

What effect will the ruling have on @MDCAllianceZW resolutions made with @nelsonchamisa presiding as President? Will the upcoming Congress nullify this ruling or will the Congress nominations be challenged? Temba Mliswa


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3 comments on “ZIMBABWEANS REACT: High Court Declares Chamisa’s Presidency Is Illegal

  1. MDC T is headed by Khupe and MDC Alliance is headed by Chamisa. Which party has the the High Court nullified his Presidency.

  2. CHamisa is President of MDC Alliance and Khupe say she’s MDC -T …right! Why didnt people go to MDC T aka Khupe. She could not lure anyone except Gutu and Linda Masarira and a handful of sell-outs. OK she failed to exploit the – T magic. Now she is in political oblivion. She is AN EMPTY SHELL. Even if a she is handed leadership she has no people —— A MALCONTENT and a FOOL. She seeks to LEAN on the oligarchs —but even that she cant do. God Curse the blisken fool!!!!!! She is finished as politician.

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