6 Risks You Are Subjecting Yourself To By Using Modified Versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp from the original developer can sometimes get on your nerves, right? How about the feature that makes me not get any notification on my dropdown window from anyone except the chosen few? When I have a business account its somehow inappropriate to be seen viewing clients statuses, or subordinates statuses. That means apart from exercising self-control in other facets of life I also have to exercise it on WhatsApp, really? How about when you are a group admin and inappropriate stuff is sent in the group and you can’t do anything except appeal to the sender to delete their chat which they sometimes refuse to do and leave the group or insult you?

However, WhatsApp comes with so many benefits chief among them cost-effective( well in comparison to calling given the price of data nowadays) and convenience. Mobile operators now have WhatsApp Bundles/Bouquets sorely meant to cater for your WhatsApp needs, that’s a sweet deal right?

So What WhatsApp Are You Using?

You may be one of the people put off by some of the WhatsApp features we have or have not noted above, and you may decide to use other versions on the market popular for their convenience and seemingly great features. There are a number of modified WhatsApp Versions on the market like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, I counted at least 14 versions of WhatsApp that one can have and like I said they offer great features which the Regular WhatsApp may not have. Which modified version of WhatsApp are You Using, Why?

Is It Safe?

While I may never know the modified version of WhatsApp you are using, I know specifically the risk you are subjecting your device and probably your life to. Here are the 6 risks of using the modified versions of WhatsApp?

  1. Non Authentic servers – You risk your privacy by sending messages over a platform that is storing data on servers that are not as authentic as those of the original WhatsApp.
  2. No Encryption – You risk third parties reading your chats as there is no end to end encryption like in original WhatsApp
  3. Easy to inject spyware and malware – you make the life of hackers easier by using modified Whatsapp as this will make injecting spyware and malware or simply viruses on your device easier.
  4. Not to mention that modifying WhatsApp is against the law so by so doing you are breaking WhatsApp laws. you may be banned from using WhatsApp
  5. Have you checked on the permissions you grant these modified versions before you grant them, those permissions can be used to harvest personal data which could be dangerous if you use your phone for business purposes.
  6. You risk facing legal litigation or going to court over using such apps IMAJENI!!!

Before you download anything that’s not WhatsApp messenger or WhatsApp Business think again if you really want to subject yourself to this much risk.



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