Ethiopian Leader Hopes Mengistu Will Be Repatriated

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, hopes Zimbabwe will repatriate the exiled former East African country’s leader, Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Writing on social media, veteran Zimbabwe journalist, Violet Gonda revealed what the 42-year-old Ethiopian leader spoke in her ear on World Press Freedom Day. Wrote Gonda:

During the World Press Freedom Day ceremony in Addis, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed had the opportunity to whisper in my ear that it was time for Zimbabwe to repatriate former President Mengistu. I replied with tongue in cheek that he must be patient we will send Mengistu back.

Mengistu has been living in Zimbabwe since 1991 after leaving Ethiopia following a bloody civil war and the threat of invasion by Somalia, a neighbouring country and cessation of Eritrea.

He is infamous for his bloody reign over Ethiopia when he ruthlessly crushed all forms of opposition to his rule.

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3 comments on “Ethiopian Leader Hopes Mengistu Will Be Repatriated

  1. The news will contribute alot in raising awareness of the people…..media will have aprofound impact on the socio economic and development of acountry…that is why it is deemed as fourth government..

  2. This would be a great favour Zimbabwean ZANU PF government would do to progressive and peaceloving Zimbabweans, Africans and the world, by not turning Zimbabwe into a den/ safe haven or hideout for ruthless African leaders for this is not consistent with the spirit of Africahood, international conventions on justice, good governance and respect for the formerly brutalized peaceloving Ethiopians infact Africans. Again Bashir is rumoured to have just been haboured in Zimbabwe [as if its a Zimbabwean priority, how much does it cost Zimbabawean taxepayers to guarantee the safety of these ruthless little men?] meaning the world will look at Zimbabwe in international affairs with a diplomatically sour eye, let alone a deep betrayal of the peaceloving Zimbabweans who already have more than enough burdens in hardships.

  3. He will be the tallest person in Ethiopia if he returns …. because they will hang him from the tallest tree. Lets be realistic Mengistu caused the worst drought in Ethiopian history, Killing thousands of educated,religious,and great minds that could have been used for the advancement of the country and Africa as a whole . He is unapologetic even now after the fall-out of his ignorant administration ,wars, and skewed ideology. He will be welcomed to Ethiopia like any Tyrant who ruled over his people like they were hostages in their own country.

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