Zimbabwe VSAT Internet Packages Compared

VSAT is an important option for connecting to the internet for a lot of people and businesses. It is especially important for people and businesses that are in areas that don’t have fibre internet, phone lines for ADSL and not good mobile internet (3G and 4g LTE). In terms of what it is, it’s basically internet over satellite.

Such areas include mines, farms, and other institutions like schools and hospitals in rural areas. NGOs that operate in rural areas are known to use VSAT at lot. VSAT is also good as a backup option for those situations where the regular internet connection is down for one reason or the other.

The technology itself has been there in Zimbabwe for decades now and almost all the major internet service providers sell VSAT. Below is a quick summary of the packages that each of the major providers sell.


  • Setup Fees: not specified. It depends on location as ZOL charges for the mileage
  • Packages: 
    • Capped packages ranging from RTGS$ 362 a month for 20GB to $1100 a month for 50GB. the options offer different speeds with the cheapest also having the lowest speed allowance.
    • Uncapped packages ranging from $197 a month to $1900
  • More information here: zol.co.zw/get-connected/vsat


Telone offers 3 types of VSAT, C-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band.

  • Setup Fees:
    • Ku Band: Once off equipment cost $1,540
    • Ka Band: Once off equipment cost from as low as RTGS$4,410.00
  • Packages:
    • C Band packages range from RTGS $153 to $4,571 depending on package
    • Ka-Band packages range from $152 for 10GB to $1,830 fr unlimited
    • Ku-Band packages range from $124  for 10GB to $812 for 50GB
  • More information here:
    • https://www.telone.co.zw/business/products/kaband
    • https://www.telone.co.zw/business/products/kuband
    • https://www.telone.co.zw/node/3298



  • pricing and package details not specified. Contact sales@powertel.co.zw & 08611 208 028/ 35/ 52/ 53/ 54 or 08611 208 125 for quotation


  • Setup fees: Not specified
  • Packages:
    • Capped packages ranging from US $15 a month for 5GB to $150 for 50GB (monthly data bonus of 25GB to 250GB)
    • Uncapped packages ranging from US $199 to $499.
  • More information: facebook.com/ZODSAT

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