ED Urges Employers To Increase Workers’ Salaries

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called upon employers to consider improving the conditions of service of their workers.

He made the call in a speech delivered on the eve of this year’s Workers’ Day commemorations which falls on May 1 every year. He said:

My Government is fully aware of the challenges facing the labour sector.

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As we continue on the path of development and progress, I challenge employers to use this day as an opportunity to reflect and evaluate the welfare, remuneration, conditions of service, safety and state of workers, among other issues.

You are a sector that we are giving due attention to the Second Republic.

President Mnangagwa also reiterated his call for businesses to avoid the unjustified price hikes that have been witnessed over the past several months.

He said that the government will not stand akimbo whilst the generality of citizens is being fleeced by greedy businesses. He added:

The wanton, unjustified increases in prices are unpalatable and may point to some other sinister motives.

This conduct must stop forthwith. My Government will not stand by and leave workers and the generality of our people at the mercy of a small group with rent seeking and profiteering tendencies.


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