WATCH: Zimbabwean Truck Driver Cries After Being Burnt Inside Truck in South African Xenophobia Attack


A Zimbabwean truck driver cries while his wounds are attended to after a truck he was sleeping in was burnt by some attackers. It’s not clear when the incident happened by a tweet by human rights activist, Dewa Mavhinga was posted Saturday morning, implying it could have happened on Friday night.

As he cries, he pleads with a colleague in the named Pardon to “call this number please Pardon”. At some point, the colleague says the driver should be thankful that his head did not get any burns. They communicate in the Zimbabwean Shona vernacular language.

More: Dewa Mvhinga on Twitter

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20 comments on “WATCH: Zimbabwean Truck Driver Cries After Being Burnt Inside Truck in South African Xenophobia Attack

  1. Very painful and unacceptable as the ordeal is, the sender of the tweet should tell us the place where it happened. As far as I know it can’t be in my province of Limpopo because we accept peoples of the world. The poor driver is employed by his employer. If the employer employed the driver unlawfully, then it is the employer who deserves punishment. Not the employee

  2. Let it be investigated first before we actually come into conclusions. It might not be xenophobic attack, it might something different as it seems now every attack to a foreigner becomes xenophobic. It might a foreigner who actually burnt him in the truck. I am not saying it’s right NO it’s not right, whatever issues people should learn to solve them without hurting each other to such an extant. God help Africans!

  3. Our African countries helped the flipping Southern African nation during appatheid with safety and training grounds the Nigerian government even funded them Zim was their to go place for safety during their time of need, we gave them hope and faith we were their light in the darkness and blanket during winter their shelter when it rained I tell you the tables will turn and the SA government is to blame for not educating its people on where they come from and what their future holds if they continue to behave the way they do

  4. SADC countries MUST roll out red carpets when South African drivers drive into these SADC transporting SA products. South African exports to Africa exceeds that to Europe

  5. In humanitarian terms this is quite disturbing. We can only imagine how lawless South Africa is becoming and many other other African states….. this unbriddled magnitude of cruelity has nothing to do with Africanity or independence or foreigners, It basically has to do with hooliganism, thuggery, inhumanity and a very relaxed application of the law.. South Africa, Zimbabwe and many African Nations have to consider capital punishment to end all this rubbish overnight. Without capital punishment for offences of this nature and similar, then expect the problems to escalate and soon they will be hijacked by naive politicians, with no value for humanity and not God fearing above all.

  6. May Our Almighty Lord the God of Abraham bless the Ambulance Crew, those assisting on site and may the driver be restored in Jesus Mighty name.

  7. We advocate for the South African soccer team Bafana Bafana banned to play in the African continent as they have proven that they don’t belong to Africa. They are captured. They must stop preaching about Human Rights because they kill human beings like Flys and go scotfree. Since 2008 Xenophobic attacks no one was brought to book. Behind doors its likely the South African leaders support these attacks. They disguise in public that they hate it. No arrests for the past 11years now.

  8. hat’s inhumane,it’s very painful to do this to another human being like you, instead of being brought to book, they will just walk free cz our leaders are also criminals.They’ve been criticizing xenophobia but nothing is done to the perpetrators, our government is useless with no law in South Africa

    1. This should be investigated. Looks like one of the clips with the guy burnt by electricity (apparently doing illegal connections) it was a bit long ago when I saw it so I might be wrong but I remember the cry. Also It doesn’t make sense that the other Zimbabwean would say “should be thankful that his head did not get any burns”

  9. Xenophobic attacks have specific characteristics which the author does not elaborate on. It cannot be that each time a Zimbabwean or foreign national gets attacked in SA for any other reason, we get accused of xenophobia. Rubbish maan, crime is committed each day in SA by foreign nationals on SA citizen and other foreign national what do we call that? SA Ambush or Crime? Crime!

  10. We are all blacks why are we doing this to our brothers. Black people u need Jesus Christ. When you go to UK or Europe u are given citizenships with whites they treat u very well but what do u do to your fellow blacks.. U need Jesus… This is a disgrace.

  11. I pray to God that people of Africa understand that we are ONE…. all these boarders that separate us were man made.

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