Social Analyst Says ED Has Disappointed Many Africans, & Reactions

Social Activist who goes by the name, African (@ali_naka) claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has disappointed many people on the continent. Writing on social media site Twitter, he said:

There is no denying that @edmnangagwa has DISAPPOINTED many Africans.

The tweet generated a lot of responses, with the majority of responses concurring. Below are some of the responses:

Dear I acknowledge a good if I read 1, thank you, it’s not that we hate @edmnangagwa, it is simply the disappointment.

The true disappointment is that there are people who were really expecting change from ED. Guy has been in gvt since before some of us were born & all of a sudden people expect him to usher a new system. Lol

We agree in part and disagree in part again His appointments arent that ummm good His greatest undoing is his total failure to reign in his stealing and bucking louding dog’s. Corruption is a loose cannon now All the same l have faith for Zimbabwe.

He gained the experience after disappointing those from his country first, a warped sense of the “charity of disappointment beginning at home.”

Am I the only one who isn’t surprised about how he turned out?

The Regions, Zimbabweans and the world want real Action @edmnangagwa, it could be that you say “these are the reforms we are working on, I mean genuine reforms” simple measurable small steps with a full political will and commitment, I don’t see why it’s hard.

I was about to disagree with you until you said ‘start acting on it’, the guys have said all the right words time and again but walking the talk is proving to be a mission impossible.

Being disappointed means they expected anything good from him. That’s idiotic, his record was already clear about the kind of man he is and the President he would become. No disappointment, the croc is displaying his true and old colours.

He has SHOCKED me if his mistakes were a result of incompetence only we would have forgiven him. His shortcomings are a result of carelessness and a blatant disregard of everything good.

Well, projects that have terms &conditions written by your former colonizer are always bound to fail 😂😂.10 downing street project via Zim British commission! Blessing

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2 comments on “Social Analyst Says ED Has Disappointed Many Africans, & Reactions

  1. More accurately whole generations have been betrayed by the revolutionary parties / governments not only in Zimbabwe but Africa as a whole, just watch how they are there to stay firmly stuck in power, even as Robert Mugabe was overthrown at almost 94 years he still shamelessly and vehemently argued the overthrow was regrettably unconstitutional. Quite, a huge political circus sadly in Zimbabwe and Africa. Stop telling us and the world that Europe colonized and underdeveloped Africa , Zimbabwe for it is now in the new millennium strategically placed self centered military- revolutionary Africans, Zimbabweans who have sadly recolonized and exploited mercilessly Zimbabwe and Africa.

  2. how is this news? You are probably discrediting the good work you have been doing. Are you a platform for summarizing tweets by anonymous and ghost twitter users?

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