Frequently Asked Questions: DUTA

What is DUTA?

DUTA is a message delivery service that delivers news, sports updates, the latest entertainment, and other engaging interactive services through mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. DUTA,  a robotic message delivery service,  allows one to send a single message to their subscribers at once to their mobile application WhatsApp or Telegram. This means DUTA is a system that acts as a medium between the receiver of the message and the sender of the message. DUTA is used because social media have numbers restrictions which are bypassed by DUTA. For example. A WhatsApp group can only take 257 people and one can only forward chats to 5 groups only. DUTA, on the other hand, DUTA can have an endless number of WhatsApp Subscribers and can send one message to all those subscribers at once.

What Services does DUTA Offer?

Duta offers a wide range of services like the ones listed

  • Wiki (eg. Wiki photosynthesis)
  • Weather (eg. Weather Chirundu)
  • Time (eg. Time at Gweru)
  • Translate (eg. Translate Tonga I am happy)
  • Daily horoscope (eg. Astro 18012019)
  • Dictionary (eg. Dict awesome)
  • Calculator (eg. Calc 60+30)
  • Currency price (eg. Finance rtgs$ to usd)

How Does DUTA Work

If one wishes to receive messages from DUTA, the can simply get DUTA’s number and create a group with them and DUTA. Duta will then give instructions on the next step. DUTA is mainly used by content creators and writers and advertisers to inform subscribers about their services or the latest news.

Are There Different DUTAs?

Whilst DUTA is the same service, people who use DUTA to distribute their stuff are different. This means there are different DUTA numbers for different things and different organizations. Pindula News use DUTA services meaning we have our own DUTA number that is exclusive to Pindula News only.

Does Duta Generate News?

No. Duta is used by News Companies to distribute the news they will have written. Duta on its own cannot generate news.

So Where Does Duta News Come From?

DUTA is a free platform like WhatsApp. Anyone who wants to use the service is free to do so. Therefore, many newspapers and content creators usually prefer using DUTA to distribute their content since it has many subscribers who can be reached at once. So DUTA news is generated by the companies and newspapers that enlisted the help of DUTA to distribute the news using their platform.

DUTA Keep Sending Stuff, Why?

Like any digital platform, adverts are the way they monetize their free platform. This means DUTA probably make money from advertisers who pay to advertise on their platforms like those adverts we see on Facebook and YouTube.

If I Don’t Want To receive DUTA Adverts And Other Irrelevant Stuff What Do I Do?

You unsubscribe to the latest item sent to you by DUTA by putting a dash in front of its name and sending a chat for example -football for unsubscribing football updates.



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