How Deep The UK Government Was Involved In The Zimbabwean Coup

The British government architected the coup that saw Mugabe ousted from power in 2017, a Bulawayo 24 article reports.

The article also suggests that there is a detailed report obtained from the sources at one of the British Development Agencies in Harare which alleges that British Ambassador Catriona Laing designed and stamped the strategy to remove Mugabe from power.

The purported report is argued to have the following details:

1.    ZANU PF Politiburo member Patrick Chinamasa travelled to the United Kingdom before the November coup and met high ranking officials from the British Government.

2.    In the meeting the officials and Chinamasa’s team agreed that Britain will support the transfer of power from Mugabe to Mnangagwa peaceful but if need be they would covertly support an extreme method to effect the change. The meeting was alleged organised by Laing.

3.    Britain is alleged to have began by funding violent protests which took place in 2016 under the banner #ShutdownZimbabwe. The protest were alleged to have had minimum success since they failed to generate into an Arab spring kind of protests that would have unseated President Mugabe.

4.    There was an agreement that the British government will maintain a position of plausible deniability throughout the process so that they are not seen to be directly interfering in the territorial integrity and sovereignty of an Independent country.

5.    The whole coup as it unfolded was endorsed by Laing and the high ranking officials in Britain.

6.     After the coup there was need for the new President to be cleaned and presented as a new person leading a new dispensation in the country. Laing in alleged to have suggested an idea to rope in one Priscilla Misihairabwi to be one of the leaders who will front the cleaning of Mnangagwa particularly in Matabeleland.

7.    Misihairabwi was alleged singled out because she is allegedly to have once ran a business with former Minister Saviour Kasukuwere but they had a nasty fallout hence she was keen on getting back at the G40 members and had become close to Chinamasa and Mnangagwa.

8.    The idea to create the so-called Matabeleland Collective was planted into the mind of Priscilla by Laing and later one Jenny Williams was roped in to be part of the team that started the whole thing whose agenda was to clean Mnangagwa in Matabeleland Provinces.

9.    Laing (who is still involved in project Mnangagwa although she is now in  Nigeria) phoned Mnangagwa and advised him to set up a team of advisors called the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC).

10.    The PAC was to be composed of former critics of Mnangagwa so that they may be used as face that Mnangagwa is uniting the country.

The article further suggests that a China based businessman Shephard Ben Abraham posted on Facebook claiming that there are members of the Matebeleland Collective that are on the Bitish pay roll.


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2 comments on “How Deep The UK Government Was Involved In The Zimbabwean Coup

  1. Regardless of the shenanigans behind the scenes. The British Government has an obligation to pay restitution for the land as per the Lancaster House Agreement. They cannot claim to have changed the course of Zimbabwe without it. It was pressure from the war vets for pensions that lead to the land invasions and the resultant turmoil. The arrogance of Europe and the West in African affairs when their own houses are not in order is outstanding. Africa will arise and be the economic power house of the World.

  2. we want the heads of Mbuya nehanda and sekuru Kaguvi first ! these British are heavy spiritualists , we need to clear the air first otherwise we will be bound by their Black Magic. we know what their goal is – we wont let them prosper ! these free Masons are Blood thirsty , evil and their time is indeed coming to an end. TANETA VEDU WEE ! high time the Beast is captured and thrown into the lake of Fire. Queen B. enough is enough.

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