Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation Speaks On ZAPU Leader’s Illness

The Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation has released a statement following the circulation of a photo of the veteran nationalist on social media. The statement reads as follows:

Following the photo of our patron, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, circulating on social media platforms, the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation would like to notify members of the public of the following:

  1. As already known, Dr Dabengwa has been unwell since November 2018
  2. He has sought treatment in South Africa from December till early this year.
  3. Doctors have recommended that he travels to India for specialist treatment
  4. He thus has travelled to India as of Monday 22 April and is in the company of his beloved wife, Mrs Zodwa Dabengwa.
  5. The image in circulation was taken at one of the airports. Dr Dabengwa used the wheelchair as he was complaining of fatigue owing to his condition and exacerbated by the activities over the Easter Holidays
  6. Dr Dabengwa has since November reduced his appearance in public as he seeks medical treatment. He has, however, where possible attended some meetings which include Professor Makhurane’s funeral, the Launch of his Foundation, Dorothy Masuka’s Memorial Service and most recently the Umkhonto WeSizwe Conference. His being at the airport is in no way the 1st since December.

We urge all of us to remember him in our prayers as he gets medical treatment far from home.

Mthulisi Hanana
Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation


Dumiso DabengwaDorothy Masuka

Dumiso Dabengwa is a politician and the current presiden of ZAPU. He was also a member of Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) officially until 2008 when he left to revive ZAPU political party. In 2018, Dumiso formed the Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation. During Zimbabwe's war... Read More About Dumiso Dabengwa

Dorothy Masuka was a Zimbabwe-born South African jazz musician. As a young girl, she received her schooling in South Africa and chose to stay there after graduating in order to pursue a musical career. She died on 23 February 2019. Read More About Dorothy Masuka

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