LISTEN: Pastor Chiwenga Takes Yet Another Jab At ED

Controversial Preacher Chiwenga has taken a swipe at ED once again. In the audio Chiwenga is heard likening how ED announced the US donation towards Chimanini to a village heard who celebrates the courtesy tokens brought to a funeral called chema in Shona.

In the hilarious sermon, Chiwenga speaks his mind about how ED announced the donation and says we as Zimbabwe are suffering from mental issues. The controversial preacher has spoken his mind a lot on ED’s government and his governance.

Apostle Talent Chiwenga

Apostle Thomas Chiwenga is a prominent Harare preacher and founder of Apostle T.F Chiwenga Ministries. Chiwenga is famous for usually predicting major events in the country. Read More About Apostle Talent Chiwenga

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