How Criminals Are Making Money in 2019

As the economic going gets tough for the average Zimbabwean, subtle criminals have invented a  new way making money to fend for themselves. The latest criminal invention in Zimbabwe is, selling lost identity particulars to undocumented foreigners. The certificates the subtle criminals are selling include Drivers licenses, National IDs, Defensive Driving Certificates passports, etc.

According to the Daily News, these guys pick lost identity particulars, erase the photo and carefully and skillfully replace it with the buyers’ image and the buyer gets a new identity. Its believed they are selling their wares in forex as the ZRP found a sum of over US $500 with two of the suspects they nabbed last week.

More: Daily News


The Zimbabwe Republic Police is the country's law enforcing and maintaining organ. It was established in 1980 evolving from the Rhodesian Police and incorporated members from both the Rhodesian and the nationalist forces. It operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Read More About ZRP


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