NMB Introduces New NFC Bank Card With No Charges

Registered commercial bank NMB has introduced a new bank card in the market. The card, which is based on the NFC technology has no transaction charges.

The card is meant to make transacting faster as it can just be tapped at Point of Sale device to transact. NMB has said that one doesn’t need to be an existing NMB customer to get the card.

Customers can load money onto the card using EcoCash, ZIPIT, KaGwenya or any Zimswitch enabled POS.

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Said NMB’s head of digital banking Cloud Nhau:

People are queuing for cash at banks to make small payments such as bus fares for themselves and their children as well as pocket money or any household use. Cashless payment options such as swiping or using mobile money are not always convenient for these sort of small payments.

Anyone can get a TapCard with or without an NMB bank account. Unlike the standard swipe card, the TapCard utilises near field communication (NFC), which does not require any network for transactions to be processed, making it possible for use anywhere, especially in remote places that include those that many buses go to.

NFC based bank cards are yet to gain traction in Zimbabwe. They are however already mainstream in countries in the region and globally.

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