Mali Entire Cabinet Resigns

In a move that is similar to what happened in Burkina Faso in January 2019, The entire cabinet of Mali a small country in West Africa resigns. The Prime Minister and his whole cabinet resigned yesterday, Thursday evening as anger from massacre mounts.

France24 reported:

“The President accepts the resignation of the prime minister and that of the members of government,” a statement from President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita’s office said.

It gave no reason for the departure of Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga, but legislators had discussed on Wednesday a possible motion of no confidence in the government because of the massacre and failure to disarm militias or beat back Islamist militants.

It is believed there was a massacre of over 160 herders from a village called Fulani in central Mali. The herders were reportedly killed by Dogon Hunters who accused them of having ties to jihadists after the Malian government decided to crack down on Islamic terror cells. The herders that were killed were from 2 villages that were constantly fighting over land and water and other resources that had become scarce in that area due to climate changes.

In response to the Massacre, the President of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta fired the Army Chief of Staff and Army Chief of Land Forces. The United Nations on 26 March 3 days after the massacre said they would send a crime scene investigating team.

Burkina Faso and Mali are neighboring countries.


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