“#ItsASadIndependenceDay” Zimbabweans React To 2019 Independence Day

Zimbabweans on Twitter reacted negatively to 2019 Independence day calling it a sad independence day. The hashtag it’s a sad independence day already has over 3500 tweets that tell the Zimbabwean story in a different way.

Most people lamented the economic meltdown that Zimbabwe is going through. Here are some of the tweets under the trending #itsasadindependenceday

RhodesiaThis FlagKombi

Rhodesia was a British colony established in Southern Africa which was established in the early 1890s. The colony was christened after Cecil Rhodes who was the founder of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) which effected the colonisation of the Shona and Ndebele communities of... Read More About Rhodesia

The ThisFlag movement is a campaign started by Pastor Evan Mawarire that calls on Zimbabweans to carry the country's flag with them as a sign of protest to the government for failing to provide a dignified life to its citizens. Read More About This Flag

Kombi is the informal name of minibuses in Zimbabwe. This is usually given to the 18 seater type which are privately owned but used for public transport in the country. They are the most popular form of public transport in Zimbabwe a result of the... Read More About Kombi


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  1. Until all Africans can get rid of the corrup governments nothing is going to change and not even having the Chinese there.

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