Chamisa Way Out Of Line On Zimbabwe Bird Comment, Analyst

A columnist writing for NewsDay has said that MDC President Nelson Chamisa is way out of line with the Zimbabwe Bird comment. Chamisa said this week that the Zimbabwe Bird symbol is institutional idolatry and part of Zimbabwe’s problems.

Said the analyst:

Yes, people across the political divide or whoever can and do speak out of turn. They can say something erroneous, foolish, or impudent at an inappropriate time, or speak when they do not have the authority or qualification/expertise to do so, but what Chamisa said just about beats them all in terms of being way out of line.

For one, Zimbabwe is not a theocracy, but a constitutional democracy. Two, while the majority of Zimbabweans are professed Christians, this does not make Zimbabwe a Christian state, because the Constitution stipulates freedom of worship, meaning there cannot be an officially sanctioned religion. This essentially makes Zimbabwe an inter-faith nation.

After all, the MDC Alliance, which, like a broad church, is supposed to accommodate a wide range of different opinions and ideas, should be a microcosm of Zimbabwe made up of both believers and non-believers, Christians and Muslims, pentecostals and non-pentecostals — unless Chamisa is now saying, by implication, by dint of hint, by imputation, that party members must not only be Christian, but pentecostal as well because all that he says comes back to the party he leads as its public face and authoritative voice.

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6 comments on “Chamisa Way Out Of Line On Zimbabwe Bird Comment, Analyst

  1. It is naive for people to claim that Zimbabwe governance system is a constitutional democracy. Even ambuya who has never been to sch can laugh at u at the mention of that statement. Do those self imposed leaders worry an inch about governing thru the tenets of the country ‘s constitution? Are they not the once who subverted the will of the people in the just conducted election? Are these leaders not the once who habitually unleash state organs to suppress the will of the people? Since when did a junta government became a constitutional democracy?

    1. The question here is not on the validation of whether Zim is a constitutional democracy or not. its about the Zimbabwean Bird comment. Does that comment project the aspiration of the people or the country or the constitutional democracy that we so much yearn for. Some things have to be looked on without comparison to anything, otherwise the circle wont end as we the people keep propping it up and killing our objectivity.

  2. Chamisa is a known idiot and destructive with it. Please don’t give this useless individual publicity like this. He craves attention and does anything he can to get it. Ignoring him entirely is the best way to make him go away!

  3. Even if we are to disregard President Chamisa’s statement, have we asked ourselves why we seem so embedded in a cycle of poverty and misgovernance? When is Zimbabwe to mature into a so-called democracy? In August we are at Heroes Acre for ‘ancestral worship’. Someone must speak the mind of the Sovereign God upon Zimbabwe (1 Kings 17 to 18). Ignore the Will of God for the country and squirm in poverty and ill-governance. Read the Bible for yourself. God is self-existing and does not change His Word because we are a ‘constitutional democracy’ which kills its own. You have been warned.

  4. Zim knew the sovereign GOD from time immemorial ( even before the Bible came to Africa) but that would be a knew topical issue altogether.The greatest menace to African civilization today is greed ruling party politicians and totally inept opposition politicians who are mentally colonized by the worst and are used by the west to demonize everything African.The Egyptians are mostly Islamic and some proudly Christian but they don’t demonize the Egyptian eagle, which is their national symbol nor do they look at the Sphinx which has a human face and a lion’s body.The Americans are proudly Christian but they take pride in their American bald eagle.Puppet politicians are now increasingly becoming very dangerous to our nationhood in the same way ruling party dictatorships.The game of bootlicking the colonists by the puppets is now a step ahead as they wish to becoming the West’s blue eyed boys.I’m sorry for the sick puppets and wish the dictators to also mend their ways.

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