We’ve Had Challenges Following Democratic Principles – MDC’S Kwinjeh

Grace Kwinjeh, one of the founding members of the MDC has said that the party has had challenges upholding principles of democracy lately. She was speaking during an interview with the Daily News on Sunday Assistant Editor Maxwell Sibanda.

Kwinjeh is a journalist, and human rights advocate. She is the MDC Alliance’s European Union representative based in Brussels.

Below are some experts from the interview:

Q: As a founding MDC member, is the party still following its initial values of tolerance, democracy, human rights respect, empowering of women, youths ect?

A: We have had challenges on some aspects of these in the past. Our President and the leadership are keen on our supporters understanding these values and ethos. His message always is peace and tolerance even as we prepare for Congress. One has to understand that we are not just fighting Zanu PF, a party but a culture which over time unfortunately became pervasive in all areas of life. It is a demon that has to be fought; in our party we constantly remind one another of our founding values and principles.


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