WATCH: UZ Heated Fight, What happened To Ordinance 30?

A fight broke away at UZ a few days ago. The man who started a fight is seen running jumping cars to get to a man who is standing with a woman and the two break into a fight. the fight was reportedly caused by cheating.

What happened to UZ’s ordinance 30 that prohibits students from engaging in fights as they face expulsion or suspension? were these 2 chaps informed about Ordinance 30?


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One Comment on “WATCH: UZ Heated Fight, What happened To Ordinance 30?

  1. In a knowledge community you are mostly expected to be on knowledge exchange platforms more often the library and not creating boxing rings on campus,,,quite awefull to say the least….are those not untamed strangers on campus up to wrongly overshadow the essence of the globally renowned institution. Let Caesar receive his dues.

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