WATCH: BBC Interviews Zimbabweans After 1980 Elections.

A BBC reporter can be heard asking Zimbabweans what they are hoping Mugabe will provide for Zimbabwe. Many say they want better jobs, schools clinics.

The other interviewees say they hope its the end of the war for good since they lost family etc.


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One Comment on “WATCH: BBC Interviews Zimbabweans After 1980 Elections.

  1. The major question is what legacy has the Veteran Leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his counterparts left for Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans.young and old and even the yet to be born in future..are they worse off or better off than they were in 1980? Zimbabwe Liberation movement and equally other African liberation movements have a lot more yet very difficult questions to answer before the betrayed innocent and defenseless Zimbabweans now and counterparts in Africa and the World at large…..revolutionaries enormously missed their point by a majority of socioeconomic cultural and political and ethical indices. However for the God fearing there is yet another wonderful opportunity to retain the jewellery status of this wonderful God given nation. God bless,

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