Armed Robbers Choke Baby During Daylight Robbery

Daring robbers attacked a Bulawayo woman while she was sitting in her home in daylight on Sunday afternoon. The robbers went as far as snatching a baby she was breastfeeding and choked her when she made noise.

The gang of 5 robbers armed with a pistol and iron bars pretended to be police officers when they stormed the house where Precious Jiyane was seated in Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb.

They threatened her with a pistol, accused her of being an illegal foreign currency dealer and put her in leg irons.

She allegedly lost US$100, RTGS$46 and five cell phones. The robbers had the audacity to return in the wee hours of Monday morning in an attempt to rob her for a second time.

Speaking to the Chronicle about the horrifying ordeal, Mrs Jiyane said:

One of them cuffed me, put me in leg irons, tied me to a chair with a fleece blanket and locked me in the spare room. The others ransacked the house looking for cash.

… The robber who cuffed me showed me his gun and threatened to shoot me if I made noise.

They choked my baby when he started crying as the others turned the house upside down looking for money.

These evil people choked my baby because they did not want his crying to attract our neighbours.

I’m waiting for my husband so that we go to the clinic together to get our baby checked. His throat appears injured.

She said that police officers from Nkulumane police stations removed the leg irons and handcuffs from her.

The robbers reportedly came back some hours later, around 2 AM on Monday and broke a window. However, the woman’s screams alerted neighbours and the robbers fled.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the robbery incident. She said:

Police are hunting the suspects who are still at large. The total value of the stolen items, excluding the US$100 is RTGS$913.


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