Man In Trouble Over Bra Theft To Please Girlfriend

A Mutare man was arrested and hauled before a magistrate after he stole a bra from his workplace in an attempt to please his better half.

Brandon Mujima was found guilty of theft by magistrate Nyasha Kuture who fined him $30. Mujima was however given an alternative sentence of 10 days in jail.

Mujima left the court gallery in stitches after he admitted to stealing the bra to please his lover. He said:

My Lord, I stole the bra because I wanted to give it to my girlfriend and I will not repeat this again.

Mujima, who works at Mutare Dru Port, stole a bra and boxer shorts on April 11.

He stuffed the items in his satchel but was accosted by an alert security guard at the exit point, who took him to Mutare Central Police Station.

The bra and boxer shorts were worth RTGS$20.00.


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