Man’s Defamation Lawsuit Against H-Metro Fails

A man’s defamation lawsuit against the government-controlled tabloid, H-Metro failed recently. A High Court judge Justice Helena Charewa dismissed his claim and slapped the man with an order to pay the legal costs.

Said Charewa in her ruling:

“The headline of the publication complained of merely states that ‘Man evicts Jairos Jiri members’ it does not impute any wrongdoing on the plaintiff (Sibanda). In fact, prima facie, the ordinary reader would presume that the eviction is lawful because there is no imputation that it was otherwise,”

Source: Kukurigo


H-Metro is a Zimbabwean online and daily social tabloid newspaper. The newspapers is owned by Zimbabwe Newspapers. The tabloid was launched by then Minister of Media, Information and Publicity, Webster Shamu, as a new title in the Zimbabwe Newspapers stable on September 4, 2009. H-Metro... Read More About H-Metro

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