Mnangagwa Will Not Finish His Term – Malema

A South African politician says President Emmerson Mnangagwa has betrayed Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle by setting aside a financial package to compensate white former commercial farmers.

Julius Malema, leader of opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said it is not proper that Mnangagwa will find money to give “undeserving” whites whilst Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty.

Malema said this while addressing the media in Johannesburg on Wednesday. He said:

It’s a sellout position. The way he is going about it, he is not going to finish his term.

That country (Zimbabwe) is swimming in a pool of poverty; they can’t afford basic things like primary health, proper education and infrastructure.

He gets money and goes to give it to people who are not deserving. He is reversing the gains of the revolutionary struggle. It’s unsustainable.

They [white farmers] do not deserve any compensation. Mnangagwa is a sellout. We thought he was going to bring fresh air in Zimbabwe, but he is continuing to be worse than what we have experienced before.

Very soon, the people of Zimbabwe will turn against them and he won’t have anywhere to run.

The government announced on Monday that it is set to release an initial $53 million dollars toward compensating the former farmers for infrastructure developments undertaken on the land.

However, the Commercial Farmers Union says the government needs to raise over US$10 billion to compensate the former farmers.


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One Comment on “Mnangagwa Will Not Finish His Term – Malema

  1. Hi Mr Malema

    As you know, when shit hits the fan these guys run to South Africa where your government protects them. The day people hit the streets, the same guys will be landing in Johannesburg airport with no questions asked.

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