Pindula News Is Now On WhatsApp Via Duta

We’re excited to announce that you can now access Pindula News on WhatsApp using this Duta service.

This means if you have WhatsApp Bundles you can still get our news delivered to you directly.

How to start receiving news in 3 easy steps:

  1. Save one of the following Pindula News numbers as a contact on your phone:
    • +917824086452
    • +917540087483
    • +918220049565
    • +917397799769
    • +917397786186
  2. Add any of the above Pindula News numbers into an existing group,
    or just Create a new group and add the new Pindula News contact created above to that group.
  3. You will now start receiving News updates in that group

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News On WhatsApp

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If you find the group full, please notify us on +263 777 784 119 or +263 732 464 000.


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7 comments on “Pindula News Is Now On WhatsApp Via Duta

  1. Thank you pindula. Enjoying your content and by the way..dambudzo went to pick up litter in the streets(in a country where we have council workers for that), meanwhile doctors are on strike! Talk about misplaced priorities!

    Chamisa won 2018. He should be president not these trigger-happy clowns. The zanupf gvt is dismally failing at everything….they have a legitimacy handicap.

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