BREAKING: 28 Nedbank Tellers Arrested. Taken To Court (UPDATED)

It has since been revealed that the bank tellers are accused of running a forex scam that cost the bank USD US$1,119,974. read more here: 

28 Nedbank tellers were arrested this morning and brought to the magistrate court to answer charges related to money laundering and fraud.

According to sources that contact Pindula, the bank leadership is suspected to have worked with the police to effect the arrests.

The tellers are from the Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare branches of the bank. The tellers from the different branches have been taken to the magistrate’s courts in the respective cities.

It’s not yet clear what the exact charge is.

The sources also told Pindula that some senior managers were sent on forced leave recently and that this could be associated with a big scandal that the leadership is trying to put a lid on.


Nedbank Zimbabwe is a commercial bank in Zimbabwe. It is a subsidiary of the Nedbank Group headquartered South Africa, itself a subsidiary of Old Mutual Group. The Nedbank Group own 74% of stake in the MBCA Bank, Old Mutual Zimbabwe owns 18.30% and the rest... Read More About Nedbank


  1. Alle Schmock Reply

    Bank tellers in general are full of shit and are equally corrupt like ZIMRA officials. How do you expect the country to progress if servants themselves are messed up? They are just like maggots that eat an animal alive. I am quite sure it’s not Nedbank alone but the entire Zim financial system is rotten.

  2. max Reply

    It is always the system not the person you mean all the tellers countrywide were doing something wrong thats funny

  3. macharangwanda Reply

    Which bank doesn’t have corruption in Zim. Tell us the actual story about Nedbank. If you sue them. Sue them all

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