Civil Servants Salaries Increased

The salaries for civil servants have been increased following a cost of living adjustment. The lowest paid civil servant will now earn $600 which is a 29% increase.

The increases range from 13% to 29%. The salary increases are from a $400 million package that was announced yesterday.

Said Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Dr Sekesai Nzenza:

Following the announcement of the cushioning allowance, which the President announced from January to March of $63 million, there have been negotiations through the National Joint Negotiating Council, which looks at salaries and benefits for civil servants.

Government has now offered $400 million as the cost of living adjustment for civil servants, which is an outcome of the negotiating processes that have been going on in order to support them given the cost of living in the country

The workers agreed with Government that 400 will be offered from the initial $350 million.


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