‘Tribalism Does Not Help, Stop It’; VP Mohadi Tells Bulawayo Voters- Report

Vice President Kembo Mohadi has claimed that the killing of over 20,000 minority Ndebele people during the Gukurahundi genocide in the 1980s was in keeping with how nations are formed, ZimLive reports.

Mohadi is from the Venda tribe predominant in Matabeleland South province and is a senior military figure for the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) in the 1980s war of independence.

Addressing ZANU PF supporters at a rally in Cowdray Park in Bulawayo, ahead of a local authority election, Mohadi said:

Since 2000, we have been losing, both general and local authority elections to the opposition. It boggles the mind to see Zanu PF losing elections to the MDC

Bulawayo come back, we want you back in Zanu PF. It’s Zanu PF which made you who you are; which gave you independence and all the freedoms. It all came through Zanu PF. What has gone wrong?

If it’s an issue that we hurt each other, and a lot of people disappeared, well, in the history of nations it was always like that.

The Ndebele kingdom was composed of many tribes. Did they volunteer to be incorporated? Some of them, their surnames have been bastardised by you, like Mnkandla and Mdlongwa. That’s how it was.

… Tribalism does not help, stop it. It won’t take you anywhere. Politics is a game of numbers. If you don’t have the numbers, there’s nothing that you can do.

ZANU PF has fielded Kidwell Mujuru for the Ward 28 vote to be held on 30 March.


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Gukurahundi is a term used to refer to disturbances in Matabeleland and Midlands in the 1980s which resulted in the death of an estimated 20,000 Ndebele people. It was carried out by the North Korean trained 5th Brigade which was an elite regiment of the... Read More About Gukurahundi

Bulawayo is Zimbabwe's second largest city. Its location was selected by the last Matebele king, King Lobengula. Bulawayo used to be one of the country's most attractive cities and a major transport hub for Southern Africa until Zimbabwe entered a period of economic depression in... Read More About Bulawayo


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  1. Ukhuluma ukugula kwakhe lo.Thina siyabandlululwa,bavala amehlo lendlebe.Sengathi engehlulwa late.Bantu bakoBulawayo vukanini.Ukubandlulula kwakungekho kuze leZanu pf kusetshenziswa bona oMahodi ngoba bayasutha kuhulumeni.

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