Thomas Mapfumo Finally Returns To America

Thomas Mapfumo finally left for his United States base after three months of speculation over his stay in Zimbabwe.

Mukanya, as the musician is popularly known, came for his national tour in December and had been in Zimbabwe for longer than expected after his tour flopped. He was expected to leave at the beginning of the year. Mapfumo said he could not return to the United States without paying the band he used for his tour. He said he will come back to Zimbabwe for another tour. Said Mapfumo:

I had a band that was supposed to get paid. I invited these guys to help me during the tour, but things did not go according to plan. The promoter I worked with failed organise our tour according to plan and we ended up having huge losses. There was no way I could go back to US without paying people that I worked with. I had to organise other shows to get money to pay them. We have now settled all bills and I have to go back to the US to be with my family. I will come back home when another opportunity for a tour beckons. This is my home and most of my fans are based here. I will come back as soon as we work on another tour.


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Thomas Mapfumo

Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo, also known by his nicknames "Mukanya" or "gandanga", is a Zimbabwean Chimurenga music singer, a songwriter who is based in the USA. Mapfumo is one of Zimbabwe's top musicians. His genre of music is called Chimurenga (Shona for Revolution ) and many... Read More About Thomas Mapfumo


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