Political Analysts Doubt Mnangagwa Will Deliver On Bulawayo Promises

Political analysts who spoke to Daily News said they doubt President Mnangagwa will deliver on the promises he made to Matabeleland civic society during a meeting at his Bulawayo State House.

During the meeting Mnangagwa allowed the civic society members to directly talk about their burning issues. It was a first for both parties as this never happened during former President Robert Mugabe’s 37 years rein. The civil society members asked for those affected by Gukurahundi to be allowed to discuss their experiences without fear of being arrested. They also spoke about the issue of reburials with families of victims asking to be allowed to exhume and rebury their loved ones in order for them to find healing and closure. Another issue was access to documentation where families of Gukurahundi victims should be assisted with death certificates that clearly state the causes of death.

Political analyst Vivid Gwede said while Mnangagwa promised to meet their demands, it might have all ended at the meeting. Said Gwede:

I think that Mnangagwa is trying to continue with the image that he is a listening president, but we have not seen substance in that rhetoric. Currently, there is a call for national dialogue in the country and we are not seeing progress in that. The issue of Matabeleland requires genuine efforts at truth-telling and national healing.  Yes, Matabeleland civic groups must be heard, but there is need for a genuine, open and holistic approach to achieve national healing as required by the constitution.

Another political analyst Thomas Sithole said Mnangagwa was simply trying to break with the past.

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