List Of Chimanimani Cyclone Idai Relief GoFundMe Campaigns

Here’s a list of the GoFundMe campaigns for Cyclone Idai Relief that one can contribute to. You can click on the donate button to contribute.

Zimbabwe Cyclone Relief

Initiated by: Freeman Chari

My name is Freeman Chari, I am a Zimbabwean based in USA. I have coordinated a number of relief and emergency efforts in Zimbabwe through this platform. I will be working with other volunteers to fundraise but ultimately, I will be responsible to account for every cent raised on this platform.

How it will be accounted for:

Like we have done with these other  Zimbabwe Freedom Fund and the Cholera Relief Fund we will provide regular updates and accounting to the satisfaction of the donors. We will try to keep records of each transaction, the food purchased and any other costs incurred. Those will be shared here and an accounting breakdown too.

Chimanimani Cyclone Idai Relief Fund

Initiated by Andy Woodruff

My name is Andy Woodruff, I am a British citizen. I first went to Chimanimani in 1996, stayed for a couple of years at Heaven Lodge in the village. I visit regularly, at least once or twice a year.

Webb, Low and Barry, Solicitors in Bulawayo have set up the receiving fund. Deloitte Chartered accountants have kindly agreed to audit the trust fund.

How it will be accounted for:

Deloitte in Bulawayo will audit this trust fund. I (Andy Woodruff) will provide a daily list of all donations received and bank balance and send this Webb, Low and Barry and Deloitte for their records. I will transfer the funds on a minimum of three times a week, and will aim for daily. How funds are spent in Zimbabwe will be accounted for by Webb, Low and Barry and The Chimanimani Tourist Association. They will provide updates that I will publish.


Template:Infobox Town Chimanimani is a Town located in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Chimanimani


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