Cyclone Idai: 30 Pupils, 3 Teachers Missing

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting says 30 pupils are missing from various schools in Manicaland Province.

Manicaland Province was hit by Cyclone Idai over the weekend. 139 people have been confirmed dead with hundreds still missing. Two people were killed at St Charles Lwanga by a rockfall. A form 1 pupil, Munashe Jena who had been transferred to the school just over a month before the cyclone, and a security guard were the victims.

The Information Ministry also said 2 headmasters and a teacher are missing. Said the Information Ministry:

A total of 30 pupils, 2 headmasters and 1 teacher are missing. The pupils are
24 from Ngangu, 4 from Dzingire and 2 from Chimanimani.

Manicaland ProvinceChimanimani

Manicaland is a province which covers largely the eastern highlands and the south eastern plateau of Zimbabwe. Manicaland is one of Zimbabwe's ten administrative provinces. Mutare is the capital of Manicaland province. Read More About Manicaland Province

Template:Infobox Town Chimanimani is a Town located in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Chimanimani


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