Breakdown Of $50 Million Fund For Cyclone Idai Relief, $2 Million ‘Disappears’

The government has revealed that RTGS$50 Million has been released by the Ministry of Finance towards Tropical Cyclone Idai relief. The breakdown of the funds is as follows:

  • CPU – $3M Roads
  • Department- Trunk Roads and damaged bridges $25M
  • Restoration of rural feeder roads and other structures $7.2M
  • Education – $4M
  • Health -$3M
  • Water and Sanitation – $4.8
  • Electricity- $1M

However, a casual addition of the amounts does not add up to $50 million, but to $48 million. Where is the other $2 million?



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2 comments on “Breakdown Of $50 Million Fund For Cyclone Idai Relief, $2 Million ‘Disappears’

  1. If it’s true about $2m missing so why do we need donations? Just imagine people are affected by cyclone but it’s an opportunity for other people to steal what is meant for affected people.Zimbabweans in authority,they really behave like scavengers, namely hyenas.

  2. That lot aren’t scavengers. They’re plain thieves. Hyenas, although not on my list of favourite animals, behave better than that!

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