Mnangagwa Wanted To Be A Pilot Or An Economist

President Mnangagwa said he wanted to be a pilot when he was growing up. Alternatively, he wanted to work in a bank as an economist.

Mnangagwa said this when he met youths during the inaugural youth indaba organised by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in Harare yesterday. Said Mnangagwa:

In 1949, my father took me to Shabanie now Zvishavane. I was about six years old then and he wanted to show me a plane landing and taking off. He carried me on his bicycle.When we arrived after some time a small plane landed and after about two hours it took off again. I was impressed so I told my father that when I grow up I wanted to be a pilot. So that was my initial ambition as I was growing up.

Mnangagwa said he wanted to be an economist but then the subjects he chose were not available in jail. He said he then decided to go back to do law because he had admired the lawyer who defended him in the High Court who was a Canadian.

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