Police Officers Transferred

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has transferred a number of officers.

In Bulawayo, most of the junior officers at Pumula Police Station were transferred to other stations. In an interview with The Chronicle, National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said there was nothing amiss with the new transfers as it was administrative. He added that police officers are transferred so that they do not become too familiar with certain communities. Said Nyathi:

Transfers are an administrative issue which is meant to improve performance in the system and they are also part of a task development which is meant to promote job rotation. Above all, the officers commanding provinces like in this case Bulawayo province have the responsibility of transferring non-commissioned members who would have stayed at a particular station for five years or more.


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Zimbabwe Republic PoliceCharity CharambaPaul Nyathi

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is the country's law enforcing and maintaining organ. It was established in 1980 evolving from the Rhodesian Police and incorporated members from both the Rhodesian and the nationalist forces. It operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Read More About Zimbabwe Republic Police

Charity Angeline Charamba a Zimbabwean police officer, She is the former National Spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police a position she was moved from in March 2019. She holds the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner in the police force. In March 2018 Charity Charamba reportedly... Read More About Charity Charamba

Paul Nyathi is a Zimbabwean police officer who is the national spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). He holds the rank of Chief Superintendent and is the Staff Officer for Press and Public Relations where he deputizes Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Charity Charamba. Read More About Paul Nyathi


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