Zanu-PF Youth League Boss Wants 15-35 Year Olds To Lead

Zanu-PF deputy youth secretary Lewis Matutu, said he wants 15-35-year-olds to take over the leadership of the party’s youth wing.

Zanu PF has embarked on a restructuring program and Matutu is heading the Bulawayo program. Said Matutu:

As the youth league we are going to take advantage of the restructuring of the two provinces to strengthen our structures, giving an opportunity to those within the ages of 15-35 to lead the youth. This is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves as we work to transform our league into a modern political organisation. There is need to accommodate the youth. I am prepared for the challenge and after all our constitution is very clear on that matter.

The Zanu PF constitution stipulates that its youth wing should be made up and led by individuals between the ages of 15 and 30 years. However as party leader Mnangagwa can appoint secretaries to head different structures of the party including the youth league. Those appointed from the party’s central committee get a seat into the politburo, Zanu PF’s administrative arm.


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