Consumer Rights Watchdog Demands A Fall In Mobile Data Tariffs

A consumer rights watchdog, the National Consumer Rights Association (Nacora) has launched a campaign against expensive data tariffs being charged by local mobile network operators.

In an interview with the Southern Eye, Nacora advocacy and campaigns adviser, Effie Ncube said:

Let us not forget that this low-cost data campaign is about justice and fairness. We have a lot of weapons we will deploy against this theft and profiteering.

We will do media campaigns, public meetings, engage Potraz, government and service providers like Econet, Netone, Telecel, Africom, among others.

There cannot be any justification, whatsoever, why any service provider to maintain these exorbitant prices for data. It is an unfair trade and bad business practice.

Data drives economic activity and is critical to the sustenance for security and livelihoods of poor families throughout the country.

There can be no justification, whatsoever, why any service provider can resist unused data to roll over and be transferable like Airtime.

Default out-of-bundle browsing is theft of the highest kind. Millions continue to lose their hard-earned money to this monster. Out-of-bundle browsing must only take place when activated by the consumer.


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