LISTEN: Makandiwa Saying Pastors Are Authorized To “Eat” On God’s Behalf

An old audio of Emmanuel Makandiwa saying Pastors are authorized by the heavens to spend your money has started circulating on Social Media. Makandiwa can be heard saying God has his representatives on earth who enjoy on his behalf.

Are you religious? What’s your take on what Makandiwa is saying?


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2 comments on “LISTEN: Makandiwa Saying Pastors Are Authorized To “Eat” On God’s Behalf

  1. Why should we marvel at his statement?You must know that we are in the world and the world loves its own.These people like Makandiwa have no conscience and can say anything because they are of the world.I’m only worried about those poor souls who continue to follow such people and throw their hard earned money into Makandiwas offering basket.

  2. @Andy – I believe two things will always be important when weighing what anybody says. That is “Context” and “Reference”. In what context was the message, and is there a scriptural reference to support it. In my experience of having listened to the teachings of Emmanuel Makandiwa for a decade, I can safely answer Yes to the latter question.

    The reason why a clip like the one described above would be making the rounds now and yet it is admittedly an old clip, is because devoid of context it sounds sensational, and sensationalism sells. There is also a clip where he is emphasising the importance of righteousness, and the need to live a straightforward life, but that doesn’t support the popular narrative.

    It’s just something to think about it. Have a good day

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