Top Govt Official Slams Zimbabweans’ Donor Dependence Syndrome

Information Ministry secretary Nick Mangwana has criticised Zimbabweans for expecting bailouts and handouts every time the country interacts bilaterally with another.

Mangwana’s comments come at a time when Zimbabwe and South Africa are engaged in Bi-National Commission talks. Speaking on Twitter, Mangwana said:

Are we a people at risk of developing a Donor Dependence Syndrome?Whenever Zimbabwe interacts bilaterally with others you hear talks of bailout expectations or handouts. Woe unto the parent whose children expect every visitor to buy them food or clothes & pay fees before leaving

Nick Mangwana

Ndabaningi Nick Mangwana is a politician, political analyst, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity and a member of Zanu-PF. He was the chairperson of Zanu-PF U.K chapter. Mangwana was popular with his column View from the diaspora which is published in the... Read More About Nick Mangwana

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