WATCH: Ian Smith On How Rhodesia Busted UN Sanctions

Rhodesia was hit with global sanctions after the then ruling party, Rhodesia Front unilaterally declared independence from Great Britain in November 1965.

The then Prime Minister, Ian Douglas Smith said that the punitive sanctions were to some extent a blessing in disguise.

Smith said that sanctions spurred an industrial revolution because it allowed the Rhodesians to broadedn the economy.

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2 comments on “WATCH: Ian Smith On How Rhodesia Busted UN Sanctions

  1. Smith was not self centered and was honest. unlike our guys that took over. Smith had nation economic sanctions while zim has targeted on individuals sanctions. which was more flourishing

  2. The West paid lip service to the UN sanctions. We remember the US banning importing Chrome from Rhodesia, but this was reversed and the US resumed trading with the Smith regime after Smith argued that he was fighting communists terrorists. SA and Mozambique were the two counties via which sanctions were breached by the West. The sanctions on Rhodesia were fake. UK refused to send arms to stop Smith rebellion because of Rhodesian white were kith and kin to UK. It is not true that sanctions again Zim are targetted as the US tried to hide behind that finger last week.

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