EcoCash Unstable, Causing Frustrating Delays In Payments

The EcoCash platform has been unstable, often becoming unavailable for use by customers. This has created problems as EcoCash is relied on for various payments in the country. It’s one of the most popular way to transact in Zimbabwe.

Shoppers trying to pay for good with EcoCash have to wait long as the paying process is delayed by the system and often fails.

Said Techzim in a report:

EcoCash is down. This time it’s worse because sometimes your transaction can go through for example to pay a merchant. However, the merchant may not get a notification that you have actually paid or worse be told that your payment did not go through.

The EcoCash app is not working completely. Most problems have been coming from the app in general.

Be careful with transactions till this is resolved. You may find yourself in a dispute with merchants on whether you paid or not and it will take quite the effort to get some of these issues resolved.

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EcoCash is a mobile money transfer facility which is run by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. The facility has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception and is arguably the largest mobile money transfer agent considering the huge sums of transactions that the platform is said... Read More About EcoCash

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