Mwonzora Says Chamisa Failed To Attain MDC’s 4,5 Million Targeted Votes & Should Be Challenged

MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said that party president Nelson Chamisa failed to reach a target of $4,5 million votes set by the party before the 2018 elections.

Mwonzora’s comments came after some MDC bigwigs, Tendai Biti, Amos Chibaya and Morgen Komichi on Saturday said that it was unwise to change leadership before the 2023 elections. Said Mwonzora:

The MDC targeted 4,5 million votes, that was what was in our strategic plan, we did not achieve that, we did a very handsome score, but maybe those who are going to challenge him (Chamisa), if I get to challenge him, I have to prove that I can score more, that I can score better and I have my own opinions about myself and that is a question for another day.

… The fact that in this election we won so many votes, it’s attributed to many factors; the brand of the party itself, the candidate and so on. I have heard people say that people must not contest because the president scored so many votes. Well, my answer to that is that’s not the basis under the constitution why a contest cannot be done.

A person who is contesting is, in fact, holding himself or herself to be saying that they can score more and there is no reason to underestimate them because you have never seen them in a presidential election. So how do we judge them that they cannot score more than that, or score like what Advocate Chamisa scored?

But it’s not to undervalue what he did. He performed very well as a candidate in that election even in spite of what the Zec went on to do. This is what the challengers have to convince people that they will get 4,5 million votes.

More: Newsday.

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Douglas MwonzoraAmos ChibayaTendai Biti

Douglas Mwonzora is a lawyer, politician and senator representing Movement for Democratic Change in parliament. Mwonzora is currently Secretary General of the MDC Alliance. He was the COPAC Co-Chairperson representing the opposition parties in the drafting of the new constitution in 2013, the other chairperson... Read More About Douglas Mwonzora

Amos Chibaya is a Zimbabwean politician who was once a member of parliament for Mkoba constituency. Read More About Amos Chibaya

Tendai Laxton Biti is a politician and currently one of the 3 Vice Presidents of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). He was elected the vice presidency in May 2019 at the MDC Congress. Biti is also one of Zimbabwe's most prominent lawyers. Biti is... Read More About Tendai Biti


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  1. une mari muma socks mwonzora wananzviswa mabond mangani kkkkk nhaka tichaonerera but ndaona marakashwa hangu mazimbo kwaatarisa atarisa wavada vada ok lets wait and see

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